Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six of One?

I've had several agents tell me that businesses would not be interested in a concept/book called "The Zen of Customer Service." One told me that businesses really aren't interested in the spiritual side of what they do and another told me that "Zen" was past its prime.

I can see their point but I wonder if it's accurate. I can see many larger businesses shying away from the use of a program with religious implications, especially in a post 9/11 world where anything non-Christian is looked upon as suspect. But what about more avant-garde businesses? Steve Jobs was a Buddhist. Would he have been interested in this program?

I have had trouble coming up with an alternate name. "Inside-Out Customer Service" would have been my first choice, but that was already taken.

After careful consideration and many scratch pieces of paper, I'm proud to announce a new "branding" for my concept: Right Way Customer Service: The Path to Delivering Exceptional Customer Service.

I think this ties in nicely with the Buddhist principles of the book, based primarily on the Buddha's Eightfold Path of Right Understanding, Right Wisdom, and so forth--but I wonder if I'm giving up too easily on Zen?

To pick your brains, my beloved readers, I have created a poll to solicit your opinion. This poll can be found to the right.

Please take a moment to let me know which name you think would work better in today's business world - not necessarily the one you like best. If you don't like either, select "other" and please post a comment stating your reasons and/or other ideas.

You input is greatly appreciated as I move forward with this endeavor.

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